Hermann Huemer
Hermann Huemer

President of IKIS and CEO of IICIIS

As the CEO of the Institute IICIIS as well as the founder and president of its founding Association IKIS, I am in charge of the day-to-day management.

Our founding idea was to raise the awareness of quality and value of information which we consume or produce, in a similar way as we care about quality of food, quality of the environment or simply the quality of life.

As an information manager I manage information resources as well as information flows. I collect information for various reasons. Collecting is constantly accompanied by searching, validation and selection. Information needs to be structured and prepared for the respective target groups to generate the maximum benefit from it.

Plenty of information is available freely and still costs time – time to find it; time to absorb it; time to interpret, evaluate and finally select it for decision-making. Misleading or otherwise low-quality information can lead to wrong decisions and cause high collateral damage.

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Hermann Huemer