Added Value

Together we are stronger in giving the intellect a louder voice. (Siegmund Freud: “The voice of the intellect is quiet …”)

Together, we can use our resources more efficiently and effectively.


Members of IKIS are individuals and infrastructure institutions who aim at promoting information competence in civil society. The statutes distinguish personal and institutional members. Institutional members shall appoint a representative who shall exercise their right to vote.

Membership is not subject to any special conditions. The interest in participating in IKIS’s goals needs to be shown credibly (e.g., by own information products, publications, events, projects, other private or professional activities).

WHAT — Code of Conduct

Our members share the following common interests:

  • Improvement and advancement of their own information competence
  • Careful and competent handling of information (including the NON-dissemination of hatepostings, fake news, disinformation, pseudo-scientific information, as well as all kinds of lies (“alternative facts”, secret truths)
  • Promotion of information competence in their social and professional environment (wherever opportunities arise) (not exclusively free of charge!)
  • Use and promotion of information infrastructure as the basis and prerequisite for high-quality, quality-assured information, information products and services.

Members commit themselves,

  • to support IKIS in its activities to promote information competence and information infrastructure.
  • to comply with IKIS’s statutes and to participate in the management of the Association via the General Assembly or as honorary officials.
  • to the annual payment of the membership fee (currently EUR 40 p.a.) in order to share the fixed cost of IKIS in a fair way.

They make strategic decisions and provide inputs (such as membership fees, training, projects, resources, relationship capital).


If you agree with our Statutes (as of 2018-03-03),

  1. download the appropriate form:
    application for personal membership (.docx, 32 KB)
    application for institutional membership (.docx, 32 KB)
  2. complete
  3. print
  4. sign
  5. scan
  6. return by e-mail or snail mail

If you do not want to become a member yet, you can still subscribe to our Newsletter or comment on the postings.

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