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Institute for Information Competence and Information Infrastructure

Our Vision and Goals

Founded on the IKIS Statutes, IICIIS sees its purpose in promoting and supporting information competency and consequent social and business innovation. We achieve our goals by

  • promoting awareness and knowledge about the importance of high-quality information in decision-making processes, particularly among young people,
  • promoting awareness and knowledge of information infrastructure facilities as a source of high-quality information,
  • teaching the handling of information (and misinformation), as well as methods and tools for obtaining, evaluating and storing information,
  • exchange of experience and cooperation with the information infrastructure facilities in Austria and at the EU and international level, as well as with the relevant authorities in politics, administration, business, science, culture and education,
  • documentation on the information sector, information infrastructure, and information competence.

Our Mission

We promote the competent handling of information, documents and media (from search to archiving), as well as information infrastructure facilities.

  • We document and promote high-quality information products as well as sources of high-quality information (i.e., information infrastructure). We document relevant organizations, initiatives and good / bad practice.
  • We also document and comment on sources of misinformation in the media, advertising and pseudosciences as well as data misuse.
  • We comment on bad practice in dealing with information. Bad Practice ranges from fake news in the media to false promises in advertising to promises of salvation in pseudosciences and the misuse of personal data for fraud and governmental observation.
  • We also show alternatives and good practice, which can be used to improve one’s information competence.
  • We teach the competent handling of information, documents and media (from the search to archiving), as well as the information infrastructure facilities.
  • We offer a training course in information procurement, where you can get to know the the national information infrastructure facilities, their information products and production processes.

Our Team

Our team currently consists of the two founders of IKIS:

Our Partners

Within the framework of IICIIS, we cooperate with initiatives, projects and institutions (also international), which deal with data, information, knowledge, media, qualification, etc..

Our Partners are companies, institutions or individuals who are not members of the General Assembly, but nevertheless

  • support the purpose of the Association and the Institute financially or in-kind,
  • support our training courses with experts, guided tours and excursions,
  • host our events,
  • promote projects with financial and / or human resources.

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Our Network

In our network we are connected with interested parties from all areas of information competency and information infrastructure.

  • They subscribe to our newsletter, visit our events and contribute to the exchange of information and ideas.
  • They contribute to the visibility of our activities through social media and other networks.

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