Scope of our Contents

About “good” information

  • Information infrastructure (information products, processes, providers and resources)
  • Information competence /literacy
  • Digital competence / literacy
  • Media competence / literacy
  • Critical thinking
  • Opinions, news, comments

About “bad” information

  • Disinformation in mass media and commercials
    • “alternative facts” / lies
    • fake news
  • Pseudo sciences (quackery/anti-vaccers, conspiration theories /aliens, and the like)
  • Data abuse and Big Brother

Bloggers Wanted

If you are following certain “media” (= websites, blogs, news / newsletters, magazines; even in foreign languages – particularly in English or from Austria’s neighbouring countries) for one of the above topics, then you may want to publish your findings here;

also if you are professionally engaged in one of the topics and know where to get up-to-date information on this topic.

also if you regularly or systematically visit specific meetings or congresses you may want to report about them before or afterwards in our newsletter.

If you have something new to report from your field of expertise, you can post it on the blog or simply report it to the newsletter editor (also as a message).

We look for experts who would like to deal with the interfaces between digital, media and information competences.

In addition, we also look for trainers who would like to offer specialized modules in addition to our training programme (e.g., about health literacy, financial literacy, law & economic literacy, data protection etc.).

Value for our readers

  • What is the value for readers?
  • Why should/would theay come back (for the next post)?
  • Educate your readers! Address their concerns!

Structure of a contribution

  1. Introduction / Overview (what will the reader get in the following text, e.g. central theme/leitmotif)
  2. Body
  3. Summary / Conclusion (what do you want the reader to remember of all that)

SEO-Principles (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Minimum of ca. 2000 letters per post
  • The tags for the post shall be used at least once per paragraph.
  • Details at Google Analytics