WAU – Information Literacy for Dog Buyers


We are presenting a method for people who want to buy a dog – the WAU method.

Information literacy comprises all the skills we need for handling information. These skills reach far beyond using libraries and searching library catalogs. Simultaneously, information literacy applies not only to students who are preparing a scientific thesis, since information is no longer obtained exclusively from scientific publications.

Not only helps information acquire knowledge, but also make informed decisions. Nowhere is this more important than where health & life, safety & security, or money are at stake.


The WAU method consists of three steps:

  1. Acquire knowledge (Wissen)
    = Obtain information, e.g., in a specialized course, in webinars, on Youtube or from books.
  2. Check offers (Angebote)
    = Evaluate information, e.g., at the local animal shelter or breeders; Internet offers should be evaluated with great caution.
  3. Obtain support (Unterstützung)
    = Share and verify information with others, e.g., on social media, with a veterinarian, dog trainers, or with an animal welfare ombudsman.

The joy of having a four-legged friend begins with the anticipation of it. In order for the friendship to become a satisfying experience for both parties, it requires good preparation as well as a good purchase decision.

The detailed description of the WAU method can be found on the website of the Vienna Animal Protection Ombudsman’s Office.


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