Information literacy encompasses inter-professional skills that serve the largely independent acquisition and exchange of information and knowledge.

In the knowledge society of post-industrial capitalism, these skills are particularly decisive in the competition for a job, where ‘self-organisation’ (lifelong learning), ‘personal responsibility’ (self-employment) and ‘social-communicative action’ (teamwork) are central components of modern job profiles.

(after: Bernd Lederer: Kompetenz oder Bildung. 2014)

Our training programme comprises seminars and courses and targets at the improvement of information competence.

Thus, the goal is the competent use of information and information products as well as the national information infrastructure.

Our partner in organization and administration is BFI Wien – one of Austria’s largest providers of vocational training.

If you have any questions, please, don’t hesitate to contact Hermann Huemer (Contact Form). Detailed information is available on our German site.