IKIS – Gesellschaft für Informationskompetenz und Informationsinfrastruktur

IKIS – Society for Information Competence and Information Infrastructure

Who we are

Management Board

  1. Dr. Hermann Huemer (President)
  2. Mag. Christiane Hofer (Secretary and 1st Vice-President)
  3. Mag. Steve Patriarca (Treasurer and 2nd Vice-President)

The Management Board is the “management body” as defined by the Austrian Association Act 2002.

Advisory Council

  1. Dr. Luzian Weisel (Vice-President of the DGI – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Information und Wissen e.V.)
  2. Stephan Holländer (Holländer Consulting)
    Lecturer at Fachhochschule Chur and Fachhochschule Genf

The Advisory Board advises the Management Board. It is also deployed for networking with other stakeholders.

Purpose & Goal

Pursuant to § 2 of the Statutes:

“The purpose of this Association, whose activity is not for profit but exclusively and directly for non-profit purposes in the sence of the Federal Tax Regulation, is to promote information competence in all sectors of society, and in particular in cooperation with information infrastructure facilities“.

Our Mission

We focus on the importance of information competence for participation in social, political and economic life.

We focus on the importance of high-quality information for the functioning of our economy and society / democracy.

We focus on the importance of information infrastructure facilities to provide quality information products and services.

We promote information competence and collaborate with the providers of the national information infrastructure.

We are committed to information-competent citizens as they push forward social and entrepreneurial innovation.

We are committed to a functioning, open and independent information infrastructure.

Our Strategy

Our strategy focuses on (market) research, documentation, consulting, education & training, and networking on topics such as information products, information procurement and information quality with the aim of promoting information competence.

For the operational implementation of the strategy and the achievement of the IKIS’s purpose, the “Institute for Information Competence and Information Infrastructure – IICIIS” was set up.