Gesellschaft für Informationskompetenz und Informationsinfrastruktur – IKIS
Society for Information Competence and Information Infrastructure

HQ: Bad Sauerbrunn, Austria

Central Register Code: ZVR: 652418401
Association registered in the Zentrales VereinsRegister .

Statutes: IKIS Statutes (date of approval: April 3, 2017; update April 18, 2023)


  1. Dr. Hermann Huemer (President and CEO)
  2. Mag. Christiane Hofer (Secretary and 1st Vice-President)
  3. Steve Patriarca (Treasurer and 2nd Vice-President)

Notice: Currently we are not able to process your telephone calls. However, we look forward to your written inquiries either by e-mail [to firstname.lastname@iiciis.org] or via our Contact Form.

Bank Connection

Raiffeisenlandesbank NÖ-Wien AG
IBAN: AT56 3200 0000 1251 9641 | BIC: RLNWATWW


Institute for Information Competence and Information Infrastructure – IICIIS

The Institute is run by IKIS for pursuing its goals and purpose as outlined in the Statutes.


Dr. Hermann Huemer
Wiesenerstraße 40, 7202 Bad Sauerbrunn, Austria
eMail: For contacting us the first time, please use our Contact Form.
Website: https://iiciis.org (de) || https://iiciis.org/international (en)

Basic Direction

according to § 25 Media Act :

The website iiciis.org is an information medium of IICIIS, supervised by its parent association IKIS

  1. to raise awareness of the importance of information competency and information infrastructure,
  2. to draw attention to the competent handling of information and information products, as well as of disinformation in all varieties, and finally
  3. to inform about measures of promoting and improving information competence.

We also use social media (like blog, forum and wiki) and social networks to reach our goals.


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