Media Literacy

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Media literacy emphasizes the ability to understand media functions, evaluate how those functions are performed and to rationally engage with media for self-expression.

Information literacy emphasizes the importance of access to information and the evaluation and ethical use of such information.

The UNESCO MIL Curriculum and Competency Framework combines media literacy and information literacy under one umbrella term: media and information literacy MIL.

“Alliance of Civilizations”-Report

The Report “Alliance of Civilizations” (Report of the High-level Group, 13 November 2006, UNAOC) recommends that

“Media literacy programs should be implemented in schools, particularly at the secondary level, to help develop a discerning and critical approach to news coverage by media consumers and to promote media awareness and development of Internet literacy to combat misperceptions, prejudices and hate speech.”

“The frequently stated goal of the media is to inform and educate viewers and readers. Yet, some of the strongest pressures in today’s world – political control and market forces – hamper the production of both quality news and entertainment programming that present a well-balanced portrayal of foreign cultures.”

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